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Founded in 1992, CREA (Research Centre on Ecology and Environment) is an engineering company operating in the hydraulic sector and in the environmental ecology, producing and selling products and services with high technological content.

The CREA Brand

Our brand is much more than a symbol and a name...

Proposing new Concepts

To be ahead of times proposing constantly new ideas: rather than choice it is a matter of need for CREA, willing to be a leading company in the field of hydrodynamic mathematical modelling...

Activities and Services

The company developed an innovative software, ideal to solve in a coordinated and punctual way the problems connected with the correct management of water resources. The company performs also directly activities of analysis, planning and optimal management of the hydraulic systems through the use of an exclusive software produced by its research department...

Characteristics of the Products

CREA products, entirely developed by company staff, are unique both for the numerical methodologies used in implementing the mathematical models, and for the very user-friendly and high quality of the graphic interface. Moreover its development and analysis environment represents a real territorial informative system...



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The challenge of Concepts