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Our experience in different fields of application of our models is given at our customers' service, in order to full meet their needs. From the initial phase of development of the applied solution, to the implementation of the models in the informative service, to the training of the personnel, to the hotline and/or e-mail support, CREA's customer service is always willing to welcome customers' requests and to satisfy them at our best.
At CREA we intend also to implement constructive relationships with our customers. The sales department is therefore in the condition to spread and illustrate the technology included in company's products, making tailor-made demos focused on the application of the models under review.
Professional Services
Relying upon highly qualified engineers in hydraulics, professional services that CREA can offer concern the direct application of the data processors developed by Company's staff, for the analysis, the design and the management of safeguard interventions and environmental protection as well as for the management of water resources in general.

CREA's technicians, relying upon a remarkable experience in the field of mathematical construction of the models which are applied to the sector of technological networks and environmental ecology, guarantee the necessary comprehensive assistance for the correct use of the planning methodologies supplied to customers.

Product Support

Either on the phone or via e-mail or with the direct intervention of our staff, customers' requests are satisfied as soon as they are submitted.


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