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CREA's activities include also, upon request, the training of customer's staff during the crucial initial phase or when resources are limited.

Customer's trained staff will therefore be able to know the details of the product characteristics as well as the best techniques to transfer his knowledge to other colleagues.

Either on the phone or via e-mail or with the direct intervention of our staff, customers' requests are satisfied as soon as they arise.


Moreover, our support is fostered by a remote diagnostic service, consisting in physical system analysis reconstructed at CREA, through the receipt of the interchange files by e-mail. Once identified and solved the problems, the files will be returned, by e-mail, to the customer, so that he can profitably continue his analyses.

Customer Service

For any support or request, please contact us at the following numbers:

Ph. (+39) 045 573045 - Fax (+39) 045 577642

E-mail address:

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