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Although the use of the data processor is extremely simple, being able to conceal the complex numerical algorithms of the mathematical models through a powerful and effective graphic interface, the simulation of the real physical systems complexity necessarily imposes a deep and specific experience. Issues related to the correct application of the models are not always sufficiently appraised, and often they hide numerical problems identifiable only by the experts of the sector. In this regard, it must be kept in mind that only a minimum part of the adopted numerical algorithms is able to faithfully represent, with a requirement of generality, the complex real physical processes that the models themselves try to simulate. Also it happens often that technicians go as far as forcing the numerical simulators to match in any way, whether allowed or not, the reality, with serious consequences on results and forecasts coming subsequently from the same data processors.

In this regard the notable applications of the mathematical models implemented by CREA's technicians qualify the knowledge of the company in this sector of activity.

CREA, therefore, proposes itself not only as a supplier of products and technologies, but also and mainly as a direct performer of model applications to real physical systems to all the leading players of the sector: Large Corporations, General Government, Consortia, Designers, Engineers.

Once reached the goal to implement the correct match between the real physical system and the mathematical model, corporate staff will be put in condition to manage autonomously the implemented data processor. Since then, also with the aid and support of CREA's staff if needed, the trained staff will be able to update autonomously the information included in the databases, such as characteristics of plants, extensions of networks, changes in the structure of the physical systems under review, etc.

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