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CREA, a company employing highly qualified engineers in the hydraulic field, invested a major part of its own resources in organizing a research department that, trying to exploit at the most the potentialities offered by the development of new computer technologies, develops autonomously and entirely all the mathematical models.At present, available mathematical modelling concerns the following development and application sectors:

  • analysis and optimization of pressure network design and management;
  • drainage processes in sewerage networks;
  • varied motion phenomena in hydrographic networks;
  • tidal propagation in estuaries, bays and lagoons;
  • environmental pollution and water quality.


CREA company plans, studies and resolves in a flexible, coordinated and punctual way problems related to the correct management of water resources. CREA is projected into the future with the versatility of its interdisciplinary structure. CREA technicians guarantee the whole necessary assistance for the correct use of the planning methodologies supplied to its clients.
CREA company propose itself as direct performer of the analysis and planning activities for interventions of safeguard and environmental protection and for the management of water resources, developing products and technologies to all the protagonists of this sector: Great Buyers, General Government, Consortia, Businesses, Planners...

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