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General Characteristics of the Models

HydNet is a set of four applied packages embracing all aspects involved in pressure networks analysis, from the study of the actual situation to detection of leakages, the calculation of the best cost-efficient solution to design or remake the network, and the optimal management of a tele-control system. In particular, HydroNet was developed for the analysis of networks under permanent hydrodynamic conditions and for detecting leakages, WatWork for the study of networks under conditions of transient motion, SuperNet for the design and the optimal design of networks and WatMan for the optimal management of tele-controlled organs. Each of these models is a powerful tool, user-friendly, extremely useful for civil and hydraulic engineers, technicians and managers of water resources Corporations.

It should be noted that even if, at present, the most common application of HydNet concerns water distribution networks, the same HydNet could be also applied to any network conveying fluid under pressure, i.e. gas pipelines, etc..

It must also be pointed out that HydNet package allows for the optimal management of pressure/leakages/maintenance actions on the network in order to minimize the operational area and to work without affecting the hydraulic system stability.

HydNet is very user-friendly as it is enough ”to draw” on the screen the water network and the plants using the Preprocessor Command Menu, to assign the relevant characteristics to the elements choosing from a rich data base, to elaborate data and to calculate the network hydrodynamic system with a simple “click” through the Postprocessor.

Development Environment of the Models

HydNet, developed in MicroStation environment, is a real GIS system, where the mathematical models are entirely and smoothly integrated.

Development and Analysis Tools
To load network physical characteristics and to visualize model results, two different packages were developed, both operating in MicroStation environment, i.e. the preprocessor PreNet and the postprocessor PostNet. By means of these tools it is possible to represent, with the same degree of detail and in unitary scale, both main network and plant characteristics.  

HydroNet, the model for pressure hydraulic networks analysis, allows to study and compare different operational scenarios of the actual hydraulic system, assessing the possible network shortages.

WatWork, the model for pressure network analysis in transient motion conditions, allows assessing effects of manoeuvres implemented through different control organs in the plants.  
SuperNet, the model for pressure network optimal design, is a tool of great interest since it allows to determine the least expensive solution under many different load conditions, minimizing at the same time both the energetic costs for the hydraulic system management and costs for the initial construction and/or restructuring of the network.  
New York Network Optimization
The test concerning SuperNet application to determine the minimum cost in the case of New York network restructuring allows affirming the exceptional potentiality of this design tool in comparison with the results obtained by any other existing model.  
WatMan, the model for pressure network optimal management, exploits an exclusive algorithm to establish a manoeuvre plan to be transmitted to telecontrolled organs with the purpose of minimizing the energetic network energy consumptions satisfying, at the same time, consumer demands.  

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